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really, I’ve gone on and on about how much I love the mother series and how everyone in the universe should play them but

I still know people who have never touched a Paper Mario game and they need to play them everyone needs to play them they’re incredible RPGs please play them PLEASE

though i’m pretty sure sticker star is still trash i pretend that one doesn’t exist

So far I’ve only beaten the original Paper Mario. I might play Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario if I’m at home all of my week days.

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I got your backs, guys.

1. Oreo Cookie Waffles

2. (I couldn’t track down the actual recipe for the second picture, so I’m just going to assume it’s Chocolate Coffee.)

3. Again, I couldn’t track this one down, but I think it’s an ice cream cake. Here’s ten different recipes for ice cream cakes in exchange for not finding that particular one.

4. The person who originally posted this image didn’t put a source either, so I’m just going to give you a recipe for a cake that looks even better. Hell, I’ll throw in another just to make it even.

5. Double Chocolate Cookie Bars. 

6. This cake is supposedly from a restaurant or high-end bakery, but I wasn’t able to find the source or recipe for it. Sorry!

7. I know what these are! York Peppermint Patty Brownies!

8. yeah i’m pretty sure this is just a disassembled oreo smore thing it’s sort of self-explanatory

9. *shifty eyes* I couldn’t find this one either but here make this instead

10. My only guess for these is homemade ding dongs.



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don’t be fuckin rude

This hurts my soul


Trying to be understanding but this is my own childhood you kids are dissing.

My childhood too but I missed out on handheld games until the Game Boy Advance SP….

These kids are so ungrateful and spoiled these days…


Just wanna say that not growing up in an era of old-school video games doesn’t make you “ungrateful and spoiled,” it just means you didn’t grow up around the same thing. You know what that makes people sound like? Old people. As in the kind who nag about today’s generation. As in our parents.

Do you want to sound like your parents?

They’ve never seen it before and it’s way before their time. Of course they’re going to compare it to what we have now. And what the kid in the last gif says is top-notch.

These kids are smarter than people think. If anything, I find their lack of knowledge of the first Game Boy to be adorable.

In agreement with Karen here, I don’t really like the mindset that digs at kids for having a different set of interests, that dismisses everything they like and enjoy, just because it’s different from what older people grew up with. it DOES sound like your parents.

I’m with flip though. It’s like the kids born in between the 6th gen and 7th gen (early 2000’s) saying “this game sucks because the graphics suck.” Which is annoying in my opinion.

Some of us are bound to not like stuff the newer generation will though, which is less of a case because I love the Wii U and 3DS, and liked the PS4 a tiny bit.

Oh no I didn’t mean to start a debate. ;_;

Honest opinion, I thought that video was kinda cute, and I know it’s just for laughs. Kids can like what they’re into and be all mystified by our old toys. It by no means makes them horribly spoiled, just more accustomed to the convenient technology of today. It’s just, hearing my once-favorite pastime be called stupid by anyone can hurt a little.

Maybe this is just what every generation goes through. I like the Atari 2600 but it was kinda hard to believe when my mom said Defender was her favorite game. It was fun for like five minutes and then I went back to Mario 3. Because that’s what I was used to.

It’s ok. You didn’t start the debate. I didn’t bash Karen or KC even though we may have different opinions.